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It is often simple operational issues, including inadequate walkways or scaffolding, poor housekeeping, lack of training and operator fatigue, that cause injuries. Set out below are 10 simple safety tips that may assist in avoiding …


C7-P06 (Ver. Sep.99) - carry out safety inspections at least daily and complete checklist - attend meetings of the Site Safety Committee and the Site Safety Management Committee - conduct tool box talks if he has completed courses on safety training techniques.

Duties of Safety Officer and Safety Supervisor

 · 7. Ensure that protective clothing and equipment are used whenever appropriate. 8. Discourage "horseplay" and reprimand those who fail to consider their own safety and that of others. 9. Report to the immediate supervisor on any defects and ensure that any unsafe plant and equipment are not used. 10.

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Assistant Quarry Operations Manager - Somerset Quarry Manager - Oxfordshire Multiple Career Opportunities Latest Jobs Quarry Safety Supervision June 11th, 2009 at 1:00am until June 12th, 2009 at 1:00am Add to Calendar 2009-06-11 01:00 2009-06-12 01: ...


Name of Safety Supervisor Name of Safety Officer Access and Egress Ladders Passageways Working at Height Working Platforms Lift Shafts/Openings [ 17(2)] [reg. 17(2)] 3A FORM 3A () ...


CONTENTS Paragraph Page 1 Scope 1 2 Interpretation 2 3 Objective and General Principles 2-3 4 Safety Management and 3-16 Responsibilities of Relevant Personnel 5 Typical Items for Specific Tasks by TCPs 17-23 6 Quality Supervision Requirements


1.3 Safety Officer 1 - 3 1.4 Safety Supervisor 1 - 5 1.5 Safety Representative 1 - 7 1.6 Architect/Engineer'' s Representative and Site 1 - 8 Supervisory Staff Chapter 2 Safety and Health of Workplace 2.1 General 2.1.1 Site Layout 2 - 1 2.1.2 Site Roads 2.1


Highlights:. This course can be divided into four sections: Module 1: Basic Safety Management (SM) Module 2: Basic Accident Prevention (GS) Module 3: Basic Occupational Health (OH) Module 4: Construction Safety (CO) Duration (Hour):. 43 hours (Module 1: 12hours) (Module 2: 12hours) (Module 3: 12 hours) (Module 4: 7 hours) Instructor:.

Slope Stability for Quarry Managers and Supervisors

Slope Stability for Quarry Managers and Supervisors. Introduction. Failure of quarry slopes such as rock faces, berm, batters, product stockpiles, overburden dumps and rehabilitation works can be a major risk area with consequences ranging from minor to major disruptions to operations, equipment damage and serious injury.

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Safety Management Plan

 · Created: 2016 Page 1 of 141 Revised: This document is the property of Kalum Quarry Limited Partnership KALUM QUARRY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 14303 Highway 16 W | Terrace B.C. V8G 0C8 KALUM QUARRY SAFETY MANAGEMENT PLAN Created: 2016

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Mining and quarries: Safety basics Guidance for quarry operators and employees Previous slide - visual effect only Next slide - visual effect only Preventing falls from quarry faces Quarries – preventing drivers falling from dump trucks: A health and ...

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Add to Calendar 2009-11-11 (All day) 2009-11-12 (All day) Europe/London Quarry Safety Supervision Two-day public course at Handson Safety Services Ltd''s training centre Handson Safety Services2009


Cap. 59F QUARRIES (SAFETY) REGULATIONS. e.g. "Apple is good" means to find documents having the exact phrase "Apple is good". e.g. NEAR ( (Apple, Lemon), 2, false) means to find documents having Apple within 2 words apart from Lemon. If you want to match the order of words, specify NEAR ( (Apple, Lemon), 2, true)

Quarry Safety Supervision

to enable safe supervision within this potentially hazardous working environment. Programme: !Introduction !Health and Safety Management !Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, MHSW Regs, Inspectors – Powers of Enforcement !Health and Safety


Package Number300. Course Name. Language. Combined Certificate for Safety and Health Supervisors (Industry-based) Course by Modules. Cantonese. Combined Certificate for Safety, Health and Environmental Supervisors (Construction) SHES (CO) Cantonese. Combined Certificate for Safety, Health and Environmental Supervisors (Manufacturing) SHES (MFG)

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1.3 This Practice Note provides guidelines on the safety supervision of DSD''s confined space works and highlights the important issues to be checked. A checklist is developed for this purpose and is enclosed in Appendix A. The previous DSD Practice Note

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A2. Application to become a registered safety officer under the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Officers and Safety Supervisors) Regulations should be made in Form 1. This link will open in a new window. ( PDF) and submitted to the Registration and Staff Training Division at Units 815-816, 8/F, Grand City Plaza, 1-17 Sai Lau Kok ...

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 · Under YSNR, the safety supervision departments demanded rectification on schedule in the construction projects that did not conform to safety standards. In 100 units of time, eight rectifications were demanded of construction enterprises with 6–10 units of time needed for each.

Hong Kong Safety and Health Certification Scheme

The Hong Kong Safety and Health Certification Scheme regards the course content of Certificate in Safety and Health for Supervisors (Construction) Course organized by the OSHC and the Construction Safety Supervisor Course organized by CIC as the standard (including entry prerequisites, course content, course duration, assessment method ...

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MINE SAFETY PLANS. We have customisable Mine Safety Plan templates READY TO GO for your quarry: . Principal Mining Hazard Management Plans (PMHMP) Ground or Strata Control, Inundation or Inrush of any substance, Subsidence, Airborne Contaminants, Roads and other vehicle operating areas, Fire or Explosion. Principal Control Plans (PCP) Health ...

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Our Vision: Healthy, safe and productive lives and enterprises Further Information and Guidance: Visit our website at, telephone our contact centre on 1890 289 389 or email [email protected] Use BeSMART, our free online risk assessment tool at ...

Guidance Note QGN14

Health Division of the Department of Mines and Energy to assist in effective safety and health supervision of mining and quarrying operations. A Guidance Note is neither a Guideline as defined in the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Act 1999, (the Act) .

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A site safety supervision plan (SSSP) for the relevant rectification works should be submitted, if required, in accordance with paragraphs 6.4 and 11 of the Technical Memorandum for Supervision Plans 2009.

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What it contains. Safety supervision plays a key role in reducing injuries and fatalities in the workplace. This guidance outlines how workplaces can set up effective health and safety supervision. It should be read with the Safety supervision – supervising workers with specialist knowledge or skills guidance note. The document explains:

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 · We aim to provide course members with an understanding of the requirements for inspections in quarries, and the knowledge to plan and conduct an inspection effectively with the ultimate goal of improving workplace safety. This action-packed 1-day course will finish with a multiple-choice assessment. Successful completion of the course leads to ...

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Quarry Safety Experience. Clive Kelly worked in quarries in Clare, Limerick and Cork from 1995 as a machine operator gaining lots of practical experience on the operations of medium to very large quarry operations. Clive Kelly also worked then many years later (2007) as a Health and Safety Manager for a family run quarrying business based in ...


QUARRIES (SAFETY) REGULATIONS (Cap. 59 sub. leg. F) Contents Regulation Page PART I PRELIMINARY 1. Citation 1-2 2. Interpretation 1-2 PART II APPROVAL OF SUPERVISORS AND DEPUTY SUPERVISORS 3. Application for approval as supervisor 2-2