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 · The average bed area of the sinter machine in India is 153 m 2. The sinter cooler technology is available with 11 units in India out of a total 34 machines as on 2011. The global best practice needs 1.26 GJ ton − 1 sinter while the average energy needs in India [ 27] is 3.2 GJ ton − 1 sinter ( Figure 4.2.12 ).

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2020-11-13 · have been working on reducing t he grain size below 1m . ... times o n sa me sinter line so time for production of new . ... -Principles of Materials Science and …

Sintering Process

The off-gas stream with an average of 4–6% SO 2 exhausts through a hood has a temperature ranging from 473 to 773 K (200–500 ᵒC), and is used for sulfuric acid production. The sinter product is made up of oxides, sulfates, sulfides, some metallic lead together with ferrites and silicates. A typical sinter contains 40–52% Pb and 1–2% ...

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During the sinter cycle, a vacuum is created and the sinter chamber is floated with inert gas. Dr. Fritsch FAST/SPS sinter presses are always equipped with a vacuum of 20mbar. As an option, a fine vaccum of 0,05mbar is available. Temperature measurement is done contactless by pyrometer or, in the lower temperature range, by thermocouples.

Principles of Sintering and Sinter Hardening

2022-5-30 · Sintering is done in three phases. First, the metal powders are heated in the furnace at an appropriate temperature to create martensitic, crystalline structures. Then, the density of the metal powders'' particles will be increased to combine and merge them all. The merging process of these particles can be done through either transient liquid ...

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2019-9-4 · Instantaneous temperature distribution pattern in the sintering layer (interrupted sintering). a Macrostructure of the layer: 1–5 layers of finished sinter, combustion zone (melting zone), heating and drying zone, over-wetted charge area, layer of the initial charge; b thermogram of the layer, t layer temperature, W moisture content of materials in sinter layer, O 2 —oxygen …

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COMPACTING. The powder mixture is filled into the tool cavity of a mixer by gravity, and an uni-axial pressure within 200 to 1,500 MPa is applied onto it depending on the final density to be achieved.The compacted part is ejected from tooling, and the result is a "green part", which has a certain mechanical strength and can be handled. The compacting process is statistically …

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2015-10-13 · SINTER COOLING1) The process involves Cooling of sinter inside circle cooler. 2) The sinter cake discharged from the hot sinter breaker, 120 ~ 0 mm, at temperature of 750 ~ 850 deg. C in average is charged into circular sinter cooler. 3) Product Sinter temperature should be reduced down to < 100deg.

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